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I'm sorting arrays of times like this:


When I attempt to sort ascending using localizedStandardCompare:, however, the results turn out like this:


I suspect the error has something to do with the absence of a trailing zero on the 00:26.9 time, but I need for these to sort properly even if the data has been input as shown.

Is there a different search selector I could be using that would handle this correctly? Or some other simple solution apart from rolling my own sorter?


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you should to change each and every value into float than string to avoid this type of condition try this one:

NSArray *arrOne = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%f",[@"26.39" floatValue]],[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%f",[@"26.49" floatValue]],[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%f",[@"26.9" floatValue]],nil];

    NSLog(@"00:26.39 < 00:26.49  %d",[[arrOne objectAtIndex:0] localizedStandardCompare:[arrOne objectAtIndex:1]]);

    NSLog(@"00:26.49 > 00:26.39 %d",[[arrOne objectAtIndex:1]  localizedStandardCompare:[arrOne objectAtIndex:0]]);

    NSLog(@"00:26.49 < 00:26.9 %d",[[arrOne objectAtIndex:1]  localizedStandardCompare:[arrOne objectAtIndex:2]]);

    NSLog(@"00:26.49 == 00:26.49 %d",[[arrOne objectAtIndex:1]  localizedStandardCompare:[arrOne objectAtIndex:1]]);
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While I recognize this might work for my purposes, it seems extremely inefficient when sorting large arrays of values. –  Murdock Feb 16 '12 at 2:07
I'm accepting this answer since for my specific case performance isn't an issue. My final, sorted arrays are small enough that a slow-down here shouldn't be noticeable. A note for anyone reading this in the future though that heavy string operations like this aren't efficient for large arrays... –  Murdock Feb 23 '12 at 2:39
So it is, i am continue thinking on this point,and as i get any sufficient thing i will update this one. –  kulss Feb 23 '12 at 5:09

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