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So this is what I'm doing- I am using facebook login for my site using the php-sdk. I have given the redirect URI to a function that checks if the user exists in my database, if not create the user, then redirect to my home page.

redirect uri is
check_fb_login will check if user exists in db, if not create

However, my check_fb_login is not getting the value of the userID.

 $facebook->getUser() is getting 0

Why is this so? getUser should return a value because the user has already been authenticated by facebook right?

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Check you are initializing $this->facebook object (by printing appId) or not.

And also See this links:





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it might be a bug, see

but also search for facebook->getUser() returns 0 on stackoverflow, there are a lot of topics about it so it could be something else.

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I had the same problem, and solved it by adding a full url. So instead of


I also made sure that this was the same url in Site URL: and Mobile Site URL: on my Facebook Developers app page, and in the connection code:

$app_id     = "my_id";
$app_secret = "my_secret";
$site_url   = "";
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