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I am making a BlackBerry app, supporting OS 4.5 and later, where I want to embed some links within a line of text on the screen. Like this -

text text text link1 text text link2 text

How do I do it? Tried using 4 seperate ActiveRichTextFields but the problem is how do I make link1 n link2 focus-sable as a word? setChangeListener(this) and setFocusListener(this.getFocusListener()) doesnt seem to do the trick. And how do I capture the click event on the links to redirect it to the webpages?

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I think it might be possible to implement a custom UI field such as RichTextField which will render the link like text with normal text, handle focus events, focus movement etc. – Rupak Feb 14 '12 at 20:42

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Take a look at HyperLink example provides By RIM . I think that will surely help you.

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