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I'm currently having some trouble trying to copy all the attributes from a bunch of list items into the first list item.

I want to add the first list item (All) to the top of the list and then copy all of the data-filter attributes from the elements below into All, so they appear like data-filter=".ant, .bee, .bug, .moth"

here is alink to my jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/8e4Kv/1/

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


Big D

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Do you really want to set the data-filter attr, or use jQuery's data function? The first time jQuery sees data-xxx in an element, it caches it, and never looks at/modifies it again. So, if you set it with attr, data will return a different value, and vice versa. –  mgibsonbr Feb 14 '12 at 6:19

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Something like below will do the job,


$(function() {

    var $li = $('ul li[data-filter]');

    var allAttr = [];        
    $li.each (function () {
        allAttr.push ($(this).attr('data-filter'));

      .insertBefore('ul li:first-child')

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You can use jQuery's $.each() function to first loop through each list item's data-filter attribute, then assign each of those attributes to your prepended element.

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