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We are a small team and want to rsync our file changes to our test server which is linux.

I am trying to use cwRsync and here is what happens.

  1. I downloaded and installed csRSync and create the key file
  2. The linux server is our in-house test server and we use it with subdomains to upload our work.
  3. How do I map the SSH key on my local machine with that linux machine? I can access it through putty with a local IP as well.
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Well first sync keys this can be done in putty enter

ssh-keygen -t rsa on local machine 


cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh user@hostname    ‘cat>>.ssh/authorized_keys’

or this can be done via winscp as your on a windows computer and copy it in to .ssh/authorized_keys’

The link below has more info on how to set it up

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