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Is it possible to use inner subselect statement in a Query using content provider? Ex.:

SELECT * from foo where timestamp = (select max(timestamp) from foo)

If yes, can anyone please tell me how to send it to in "selection/selectionArgs" ?

Thnx in advance...

BTW, i cannot use rawquery

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A possible alternative would be to put a raw query into your content provider and have it called by a specific CONTENT_URI that executes only the raw query.

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I'm using a RAW query with a content provider. The trick is the where is the sql that you want to use, where you can still use a ? for selection arguments and pass the arguments as normal. Here a code snippet here I call the content provider. 'code' String[] selectionArg = new String[] { selectedRule }; ContentResolver cr = this.getContentResolver(); mGroupCursor = cr.query( /* URI / TDAProvider.CONTENT_URI_RAWQUERY, / projection / null, / where / TDAdb.RAWQUERY_INDEX, / arguments / selectionArg, / sort order */ null);'code' – Peter Birdsall Jun 25 '13 at 4:49
My content provider and db activities for this are at [link]… – Peter Birdsall Jun 25 '13 at 4:52

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