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Im trying to register an event listener for a successful login, so that I can perform some logic when i know a user has just authenticated. As per the spring security docs, im registering the event as follows:

package grails.admin

import org.springframework.context.ApplicationListener
import org.springframework.security.authentication.event. AuthenticationSuccessEvent

class SuccessfulAuthenticationEventListener implements ApplicationListener<AuthenticationSuccessEvent> {

    void onApplicationEvent(AuthenticationSuccessEvent event){
        System.out.println("THERE WAS A SUCCESSFUL LOGIN");


And then wiring it up in config.groovy as follows:

import grails.admin.SuccessfulAuthenticationEventListener
beans = {

When I run my project, it crashes out with the following message:

[Thread-9] ERROR context.GrailsContextLoader  - Error executing bootstraps: Cannot cast object 'Config$_run_closure5@4eff1d61' with class 'Config$_run_closure5' to class 'groovy.util.ConfigObject'

Ive googled the error with no luck, and now turn to you wonderful people! Is there just a problem with compatibility and I'm gonna have to use a different method of doing this?

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resources.groovy is used for registering additional spring beans. You have to put the bean definition in resources.groovy and not config.groovy

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doh - i obviously cant read properly :/. Thanks for that –  Dave Anderson Feb 14 '12 at 7:42

You should add following property in Config.groovy

grails.plugins.springsecurity.useSecurityEventListener = true

And register listener in resources.groovy

beans = {



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