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I am wondering what Gmail APIs one would use to read, move or delete e-mail, noting that IMAP is disabled on most users' accounts by default.

To give you an idea - I tried out a couple of websites like OtherInbox and email game - making sure that IMAP was disabled on my account and these two sites still worked, which made me wonder that they were probably using some other API from gmail which I haven't been able to find. Any ideas?

Thanks - I would appreciate any help on this!

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It turns out that even if IMAP is disabled on the account, but, the user gives access to gmail to a website - the website can access the account as an IMAP client using the IMAP API calls, and, thus perform the basic actions of reading, moving and deleting e-mail.

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Thanks for taking the time and writing the answer you found for your own question! –  zvikico Oct 21 '12 at 9:29

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