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I am developing a CMS using wordpress version 3.3.1. By default wordpress has user levels as contributors (who write a post but cannot publish or edit a post) and editors (who edit a post after it has been published but cannot write a new post).

For my system I would require a user to have the priviledges to

  • Write a new post which remains unpublished until the admin publishes it
  • Once it is publised the same user should be able to edit the post
  • Once edited the post should be saved as a new version and should remain unpublished till the admin publishes it.
  • When published, the old version should be replaced by the newer version.

Basically, my user level is a hybrid between the contributor and the editor. I have researched through a lot of plugins that wordpress offers but none would fulfil my need. Any help would be really appreciated.

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Try the plug-in from Members Plug-in from Justin Tadlock. It has predefined roles, or you can set up your own levels. The plug-in has a big list of selectable options for configuring custom roles and is simple to use.

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I have used a pluging Role Scoper which along with your plugin can increase the power I want to give to a user. The only unsolved query here remains VERSION CONTROL. The edited post is immediately posted on the live site, I want to restrict this. Any help? – mangobug Feb 15 '12 at 7:37

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