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I am using Game Kit and I want to submit a score on Game Center. I did that but now I want to invite friends. How do I invite my friends and how do I see my friend's score? This code is for show leaderboard:

  - (IBAction) showLeaderboard
     GKLeaderboardViewController *leaderboardController = [[GKLeaderboardViewController alloc] init];
     if (leaderboardController != NULL) 
        leaderboardController.category = self.currentLeaderBoard;
        leaderboardController.timeScope = GKLeaderboardTimeScopeWeek;
        leaderboardController.leaderboardDelegate = self; 
        [self presentModalViewController: leaderboardController animated: YES];
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The general functions needed for friend interaction in Game Center can be found in Working with Players in Game Center.

There is even a section on inviting friends under Allowing the Local Player to Invite Other Players to Be Friends:

- (void) inviteFriends: (NSArray*) identifiers
    GKFriendRequestComposeViewController *friendRequestViewController = [[GKFriendRequestComposeViewController alloc] init];
    friendRequestViewController.composeViewDelegate = self;
    if (identifiers)
        [friendRequestViewController addRecipientsWithPlayerIDs: identifiers];
    [self presentViewController: friendRequestViewController animated: YES completion:nil];
    [friendRequestViewController release];
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