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I am trying to write a dialplan which has been written in a separate file and then #include-d into extensions.conf. Whenever I restart the asterisk server with a core restart now, the #include-d dialplan stops working. The global values in the #include-d dialplan are no longer visible. extensions.conf looks like so:


#include "newD.conf"



exten => 0,n,Background(${BIN_PATH}/src/temp1)  

When temp1 is played, ${BIN_PATH} does not take on what values it should and in the CLI, the following is displayed:
exten => 0,n,Background(/src/temp1).

My question(s):
1. Can anyone explain this behavior?
2. How can I get rid of it?

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You can't use the same context twice!! however you can extend it. like [context](+) As per your scenario in newD.conf globals context must be extended like


exten => 0,n,Background(${BIN_PATH}/src/temp1) 
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