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I've installed pydiction for Vim and got it working. For reference, its Vim script home is here: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=850

The way to call the pydiction.py static analysis script is:

python pydiction.py root.my.submodule

once the location of the root module is already put in your PYTHONPATH variable. This all works fine, and I've been able to analyze a lot of my project's modules and get the tags added to the complete-dict file where pydiction looks when you're doing the tab completion in Vim.

In my project, there's a custom defined decorator, @innerclass, which lives in a innerclass.py file, the directory of which has been successfully analyzed and tagged by pydiction.

But when I try to analyze another directory in my project, I get a traceback that seems to indicate a SyntaxError on the class definition line that comes just after use of the @innerclass decorator. So it doesn't appear that pydiction knows about the decorator.

Does pydiction just not support custom decorators? Or is there something I can look for in the definition of the decorator that may be awry?

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