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Im using rails 3 with devise and omniauth-facebook, I click on the "Login with facebook link", it redirects me to facebook page of my app, I login with my facebook credentials, it redirects me back to my Rails app successfully, and it also added my facebook email to the users table, but how do I access the logged in users details?

I tried using the devise user model, but no luck

here is what i have

<%= link_to "Sign in with Facebook", user_omniauth_authorize_path(:facebook) %>

<% if user_signed_in? %>
  <div>Signed in as... <%= current_user.email %></div>
<% else %>
    not signed in
<% end %>

Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys! :D

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I think here you can find what you're looking for, read and watch the article carefully :) http://railscasts.com/episodes/236-omniauth-part-2

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You may also find the Koala Facebook gem handy.

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cool will check it out –  Francois Jul 16 '12 at 7:05

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