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According to ORA-14659, Oracle 11g currently doesn't support creation of reference-partitioned table with an interval partitioned parent table. But am wondering if it is possible to do that with some workarounds? Any input will be appreciated, thank you!

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I have never tried to create a reference partitioned table off an interval partitioned parent. However, you can certainly create a reference partitioned table from a RANGE partitioned parent. I blogged about this before:


What is your partition interval in the parent table? Can you easily change it to be range partitioned?

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Thanks for the reply Stephen! My parent table is using range-list partition (interval partitioned by year and sub-partitioned by list of 12 months), the whole point of doing this initially was to save DBA the trouble of manually adding new partition every year. Now that I think about it, your suggestion might be the best solution for now, it could be too ambitious an attempt to automate the creation of year partition at this point. –  Jason Ye Feb 16 '12 at 2:20
I'll opt for creating sufficient amount of year partitions using range partition. But still, as far as I'm concerned creating reference partition table off interval partitioned parent table is a very common case, hope the next version of oracle will address this issue. –  Jason Ye Feb 16 '12 at 2:29
In Oracle 11G and above (which I assume you are using due to using the interval partitioning feature), if you attempt to insert into a partition that does not exist, Oracle will go ahead and create it for you. I cannot recall if it is interval partitioning or range partitioning that does this. I agree that interval and reference partitioning should work well together, so hopefully a new version will add that feature. –  Stephen ODonnell Feb 16 '12 at 20:58

Now, in Oracle 12c, you can create interval reference partitioning.

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