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is any way to post request to user friends without dialog , maybe trow api?

function post_request($fbApp, $fbID, $post)
  static $ins;
 if (empty ($ins[$fbApp]))
     Facebook::setConfig ($fbApp);
     $ins[$fbApp] = new Facebook(); 
  $res = $ins[$fbApp] -> api ('/' . $fbID . '/apprequests', 'POST', $post);
  return true;
 catch (FacebookApiException $e) 
  return false; 
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No, not anymore. Could be done long time ago, but since 2010 I think, no.

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yes that ability to allow Facebook apps to spam friend accounts on their wall was correctly removed from the API by Facebook. I remember when there was basically nothing on a user's "wall" other than spammy app messages, invites, etc. – DMCS Feb 14 '12 at 14:48

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