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I am looking for a solution for a remote development environment as follows: Editor - Windows Source Insight / Visual Studio Source control - Clearcase Build server - Linux The above can't be modified.

In my current setup, I can view and edit the sources on Windows using a Windows Cleacase client. My problem is mainly the build (and the later on, the debug) process. I need to invoke 'make' from Windows on a specific Clearcase view on the Linux Server. I can login in a separate process using SSH to the Linux server and run 'make', but it is a cumbersome procedure. I am also unable to view the 'make' results and double-lick them to go to the specific warning/errors.

Is there any way to remotely bind a Windows command/batch to a Linux environment? Perhaps through SSH? Thank you for any suggestion you might have.

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The usual solution is rather a pull strategy (where your build server fetches information on Linux, rather than trying to pilot everything from Windows.

If you follow the SSH path, be aware of technote swg21351507:

Linux SSH connection hangs when attempting to exit after starting ClearCase.

This can affect the use of scripts to start/stop ClearCase remotely using SSH.


This is a due to a OpenSSH server design, which will not close the console until all process/jobs executed by the user are completed.

Refer to this SSH FAQ for further details, regarding background jobs.

Resolving the problem

Redirect the ClearCase start script to either /dev/null or to a log file.


/usr/atria/etc/clearcase start < /dev/null >& /dev/null
/usr/atria/etc/clearcase start < /tmp/ccstart >& /tmp/ccstart
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Could you please elaborate regarding the "pull strategy"? How do I execute build command from Windows? and view the results? – Amit Feb 14 '12 at 9:45
@Amit: why from Windows? If you need to build on Linux, the pull strategy consist in a dynamic view on which a Linux script (job) periodically execute a 'cleartool lshistory' as seen in the comments of wiki.hudson-ci.org/display/HUDSON/ClearCase+Plugin in order to detect any new version checked-in since the last build. So you checkin from Windows, but detect the changes from Linux. No need for SSH there. – VonC Feb 14 '12 at 9:49
I think I wasn't clear... since I am using Source Insight (or Visual Studio) editor on Windows, I want to be able to invoke 'build' (+clean, etc) from Windows and receive the results in a normal 'results' window – Amit Feb 14 '12 at 9:57
@Amit: since I don't know Source Insight, is there any way to detect and build from Linux (as explained above), and send back the result file to Windows (through a shared Samba path for instance)? – VonC Feb 14 '12 at 10:03
Regarding the detect&build method - not really... we use several views simultaneously (each one is a different environment), and the build could invoked for either one of them. Thus the results file depends on the actual view on which the build command was invoked. – Amit Feb 14 '12 at 10:14

Try sshfs. I don't if there is a sshfs client for windows. If not, you can try NFS, or even SAMBA. Those definately work in Windows and Linux.

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I just came across this and wanted to answer, even if the original poster has surely resolved their issue. This could be quite easily resolved by installing a jenkins instance on the build machine. You could kick off the build from the web interface and have it pull the files from clearcase and tell you the results.

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