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i am trying to make my ul li's background color to turn yellow then back to white . i use the code below but it's not working.

$('#items ul li.test').animate({ 'background-color' : '#FFFEBC' },  3000, function(){
  $('#items ul li.test').animate({ 'background-color' : '#ffffff' }, 3000);

I have included jQuery library of course , and this code is triggered by another function. the function works but not the animate.

.test is the ul li class.

Is there any problem with the code??

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-1: Insufficient research. It tells you what is wrong in the second paragraph of the manual for this method. –  Quentin Feb 14 '12 at 9:36

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jQuery on its own doesn't support animating colors; see the animate docs.

jQuery UI adds the ability to animate colors to it. If you're not using it for anything else, though, it's a big hammer. :-)

There are a couple of other plug-ins that add color animation, such as this one; if you do a search you should find several options to choose from.

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From the documentation:

All animated properties should be animated to a single numeric value, except as noted below; most properties that are non-numeric cannot be animated using basic jQuery functionality (For example, width, height, or left can be animated but background-color cannot be, unless the jQuery.Color() plugin is used). Property values are treated as a number of pixels unless otherwise specified. The units em and % can be specified where applicable.

So use the plugin it tells you to use.

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oH , that's why ! thanks for the advice. –  sm21guy Feb 14 '12 at 9:36

Use jquery UI and the highlight method to aceive this effect.

Once you have jquery UI,

Simply use the highlight effect

$('#items ul li.test').effect('highlight');

You can download only the highlight effect if you want from the jquery UI download builder

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Well, It doesn't seem any error in your code.. But you might have set CSS class for ID (#items); that might override your background-color.

For your help, I have just remove ID and Class from HTML, and It's working fine !! See Below...



jQuery Code ( I have used (Document).ready() - in your case you're handling on event.

        $('ul li').animate({ 'background-color' : '#FFFEBC' },  500, 
         function(){ $('ul li').animate({ 'background-color' : '#CCCCCC' }, 500,
         function(){ $('ul li').animate({ 'background-color' : '#ffffff' }, 500);

Hope this helps!

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try this code

$('#items ul li.test').animate({ 'backgroundColor' : '#FFFEBC' }, 3000, function(){ $('#items ul li.test').animate({ 'backgroundColor' : '#ffffff' }, 3000); });

i had not tested it, but it may work.

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No, it won't work. –  Quentin Feb 14 '12 at 9:39

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