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I have a SQLite database file with name localEntry.sqlite on my Desktop of the system. I want to read the data of one of the table of this database. For this I write a code in Eclipse to access all the data form one of the table.:

public class SqliteDbRead {

private static String col1;
private static String col2;

public static void main(String[] args) throws 
    SQLException, ClassNotFoundException {

    //Get Connection
    Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:sqlite:localEntry.sqlite");

    //obtain a statement
    Statement st = con.createStatement();
    String query = "select * from submitted_table";

    //Execute Query
    ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery(query);

    while (rs.next()) {

        col1 = rs.getString("col1");
        col2 = rs.getString("col2");

    } //while
} //main

This code work fine when the localEntry.sqlite file is in my JavaProject. Here I don't know what is connection string (or any other method) if this database file is on Desktop or on other place in computer.

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Take a look at this question, it has a connection string to the D-Drive of a windows machine: How to connect SQLite with Java?

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