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When I use dbm-gorm-diff to generate changelog files, it sets the author to "username (generated)". Is there some kind to have my full name and email-address inserted instead?

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On a Windows 7 system, it picks up the environment variable USERNAME (and probably similarly on other OSes). So you could modify this value by, for ex.,

set USERNAME = c089

and then execute dbm-gorm-diff.

or you could pass a property value from the command line as in,

grails dbm-gorm-diff

Though I can't seem to get rid of the "(generated)" text :(

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If you want exactly the line of code :

String user = (System.getProperty('') ?: '').trim()
String author = user ? "$user (generated)" : 'diff-generated';

So áldrin is right, you can't get rid of the generated

That's in this file

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