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What's the best programming environment for programming in scheme for Gimp 2.6? Does Guile integrate well with Gimp?

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EMACS, of course. It's the best environment for everything.

Seriously, best how? GIMP scheme is Guile, so both EMACS and VIM should do well; Eclipse has a scheme plugin, as I recall; of course there is PLT Scheme/MzScheme etc.

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Thanks Charlie. I'll try geekware.de/software/emacs/gimp-shell.el as it looks practical –  kalyanji May 29 '09 at 18:44

I know this question is old but I do not believe it was answered well. GIMP does not use Guile. The current GIMP uses TinyScheme and older versions used SIOD. Your best bet for developing is Emacs + Quack + TinyScheme. You will have trouble if you try to use Guile to develop scripts because TinyScheme does not provide everything that Guile does.

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Interesting - GIMP doesn't use the official GNU extension language as its extension language? –  alternative Sep 6 '10 at 19:51

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