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var id = Session["staff_id"].ToString()

//I have datatable with 5 columns

DataTable dt = function_return_Datatable(id);

dropdownlist1.DataSource = dt;

/*in DataTextField I want to merge two columns of DataTable, dt.columns [1] is First Name and dt.columns [2] is LastName*/

//I tried this way to merge them, but no results
dropdownlist1.DataTextField = dt.Columns[1].ToString()+" "+dt.Columns[2].ToString();

dropdownlist1.DataValueField = dt.Columns[0].ToString();

Any ideas for how to merge these two columns?

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You'll need a full name column in your data table as DataTextField can refer to only one single field:

DataTable dt = function_return_Datatable(id);
dt.Columns.Add("FullName", typeof(string), "FirstName + ' ' + LastName");

dropdownlist1.DataSource = dt;
dropdownlist1.DataTextField = "FullName";
dropdownlist1.DataValueField = "ID";

Should do it

(you could also add this column in your SQL query)

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Yes, Yes, Yes!!! worked right , thanks a lot :) – Alex Feb 14 '12 at 10:39
@Alex, you seem to be new on StackOverflow, if you find an answer valid, you can up vote it by using the up arrow. Among the multiple answers you might receive for your question, you can select the most appropriate one by clicking on the check mark. I'm not looking for reputation but just to let you know... Welcome :) – vc 74 Feb 14 '12 at 10:53

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