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I want to dynamically read from the command line and convert the input to the right format. Therefore I have to determien the required type and instantiate such an object. Due input is str I have to convert the input correctly. Here is an example what I want to do in pseudocode. If TypeOf fails it should raise an exception, maybe ValueError.

required_foo_type = 3.0
foo_input = Input("Enter foo: ")
bar = new TypeOf(required_foo_type, foo_input)

How can I do that in python?

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A python tutorial could be a start. –  Rik Poggi Feb 14 '12 at 11:07

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foo_input = raw_input("Enter foo: ")

required_foo_type = float # aka type(3.0)
     bar = required_foo_type(foo_input)
except TypeError:
     print "wrong input"
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It is good that you start the Python tutorial first. It give you a quick start. Like this one: Python Tutorial Especially read the chapter 3 onward...

Jochen Ritzel has gave you a very good answer. :) But if you feel it's too advance,. Here is the easy one.

a = input("Enter a number: ") # return integer
b = raw_input("Enter any text") # return string
c = int(raw_input("Enter number: ")) # return string but converted to integer
d = float(raw_input("Enter float: ")) # return string but converted to float
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