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I'm currently developing an iPhone app that should support some features found in the Facebook App for iPhone. enter image description here

I want to support a UINavigationController with a UIBarButtonItem on top right, wich opens an overlayer view that looks like a splitscreen on iPad (or seen here in the picture of the Facebook iPhone app when the notifications button is pressed).

The problem I have is that UISplitScreenController is not supported on iPhone, so I wonder how Facebook achieves that.

Anybody has an Idea how to solve that?

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Maybe they Open a top level forground UI View which has 100% Transparency as the Background Color. Then draw a box with the triangle area indented in the window?

If you get this working maybe you could post the code?

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I have already thought of that... I will continue searching some solution for this before I start building something like this on my own. I will tell you as soon as I found a solution. Thx anyway! –  pmk Feb 14 '12 at 15:56

So I solved this on my own. With my awesome photoshop skills i designed an image that looks like the background of the UISplitscreen from iPads. then i added a UITableView, style plain and rounded rects.


I think I'm gonne improve it a little further to give it a better look, but actually I'm quite happy about the result :)

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