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i'm using adventnet, and it throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception while calling the methid ASN1Parser.encodeVarBindList(SnmpvarBind)

the SnmpvarBind varibale length is more than 1024

            at java.lang.System.arraycopy(Native Method)
            at com.adventnet.snmp.snmp2.ASNTypes.encodeOctets(ASNTypes.java:255)
            at com.adventnet.snmp.snmp2.SnmpString.encode(SnmpString.java:371)
            at com.adventnet.snmp.snmp2.SnmpVarBind.encode(SnmpVarBind.java:206)
            at com.adventnet.snmp.snmp2.ASN1Parser.encodeVarBindList(ASN1Parser.java:617)
            at com.adventnet.snmp.snmp2.ASN1ParserProxy.encodeVarBind(ASN1ParserProxy.java:64)
            at com.cisco.csrc.dcf.SnmpVarBindMgr.encodeVarBind(SnmpVarBindMgr.java:493)
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WebNMS (Zoho, former Adventnet) forum is better place to ask these questions.

Even better is to ask the Zoho support directly.

BTW why they think that you had to decompile their classes?

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i don't know how they say, the decompile their classes :) , it's totaly ridiculaous –  anish Feb 26 '12 at 6:08

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