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I'm trying to monitor a remote private msmq in a Server 2003 cluster with the MSMQ Local Admin API and the mgmtinfo.exe utility. I can list the queues on the clustered resource with the command:

mgmtinfo.exe server-name machine

but cannot get information about the individual queues. I'm having difficulty crafting a correct format name:

mgmtinfo.exe queue=<FORMAT NAME>

What is the format name for private (clustered) queues? I have seen references to guid's but I can't find one associated withe queue... Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks for the help!

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I tried all the format names I could think of (plus the ones below) I've given up on the Admin API and written a C# program to count messages on queues and issue alerts etc. Thanks for the suggestions! –  IdahoX May 29 '09 at 22:22

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If the queue is a private queue: .\private$\YourCustomQueue

I think it is .\system$\ and .\outgoing$ for the other queues.

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