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This code won't work, how can I fix:

<?php $response = $amazonEcs->responsegroup('Large')->lookup('echo $row_Recordset1['ASIN'];');
$title = ($response['Items']['Item']['ItemAttributes']['Title']); print_r($title);?>

Note that if i were to have somewhere else it would correctly connect to the database and call the ASIN from the table and the entire code would work if instead of calling from a table I wrote a static ASIN. So the problem is most likely:

lookup('echo $row_Recordset1['ASIN'];');
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At least tell us which library u use, although I can have a good guess. –  Itay Moav -Malimovka Feb 14 '12 at 11:15

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Please check bellow code.

$response = $amazonEcs->responsegroup('Large')->lookup($row_Recordset1['ASIN']);
$title = $response['Items']['Item']['ItemAttributes']['Title']; 

And your lookup function call should be like this.

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The lookup reference won't work in PHP. This is what you need:


No need for the echo statement since you're already in a PHP block and just need the value of that column passed to the lookup function.

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you are calling some lookup function in php , so you can remove echo and single quotes from it


will work

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