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As an example I have taken the below link to parse:

& I got the page title like this:

HtmlElement *currentElement;

        currentElement = [[htmlParser elementArray] objectAtIndex:0];
        titleLabel.text = [currentElement value];

now I need to access the content in that page. I am unable to access it because there are many div and paragraphs in that page. How can I achieve it?

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What specific problem are you facing with HTML tags? What have you tried? Show us your code of what you have done and explain where you are having the problem. – Nick Bull Feb 14 '12 at 11:31
Once check this text file In that i am getting <title> key value succssfully,But when i am trying get text content <div> tags facing problem with subtags (for "div" tag there many sub classes and different parameters like <div class="yom-mod yom-free-html" id="Facebook-Like-Fanpage-India"><div class="hd"><h2>Follow Us on Facebook</h2></div>) I want access <div class="yom-mod yom-art-content "><div class="bd"> this content – souridoy k Feb 14 '12 at 14:07

u can use this:

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i downloaded this project, i changed url in RootViewController.m file into… after running app in my console getting MWFeedParser[4863:bc03] Finished Parsing With Error: Error Domain=MWFeedParser Code=3 "XML document is not a valid web feed document." UserInfo=0x4c530a0 {NSLocalizedDescription=XML document is not a valid web feed document.} – souridoy k Feb 14 '12 at 13:41

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