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When my console application tries to execute boost::python::exec_file() it hangs for a second and then crashes.

It can execute the boost::python::exec without problems.

I tried not using then boost bindings and execute from the python api directly but the same thing happens, it hangs for a bit and then crashes:

FILE *file = fopen("", "r+");
PyRun_SimpleFile(file, "test");

So I guess it is a problem with the python api since this is what boost.python links to?

I am using a shared build of Boost.Python, and linking to a precompiled version of Python 3.2.2 32bit library (libpython32.a) and I am compiling with MinGW 4.6 through QtCreator on Windows 7

This is my main.cpp:

#include <Python.h>
#include <boost/python.hpp>
#include <iostream>

namespace python = boost::python;

int main( int argc, char ** argv ) {
    try {
        // File path
        std::string filepath;
        if(argv[1] != NULL) {
            filepath = argv[1];

        // Initialize the interpreter
        std::cout << "Using Python " << Py_GetVersion() << std::endl;

        // Create the python environment
        python::object main = python::import("__main__");
        python::object global(main.attr("__dict__"));

        //python::exec("print('hello world')", global, global);
        python::object result = python::exec_file("", global, global);

    } catch (python::error_already_set const &) {

This is the script file I am trying to execute (

print("hello world")

My .pro file looks like this:

#Application config
CONFIG += console
CONFIG -= qt

#Path and environment info


#Includes and dependencies
INCLUDEPATH += C:/Python32/include
INCLUDEPATH += C:/Boost_1_48_0

#Build info
Debug {
    win32 {
        LIBS += -LC:/Python32/libs -lpython32
        LIBS += -LC:/Boost_1_48_0/stage/lib -lboost_python-mgw46-mt-d-1_48.dll

        #Build config
        DESTDIR = $$PYTHONTEST_BIN/debug/win32/
        TARGET = pythontest_d
    unix {
    macx {

Release {
    win32 {
        LIBS += -LC:/Python32/libs -lpython32
        LIBS += -LC:/Boost_1_48_0/stage/lib -lboost_python-mgw46-mt-1_48.dll

        #Build config
        DESTDIR = $$PYTHONTEST_BIN/release/win32/
        TARGET = pythontest
    unix {
    macx {

#Source code
SOURCES += main.cpp

All of this seems to work fine, no compile or link errors, I do get some warnings though:

In file included from c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python/object/make_instance.hpp:9,
from c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python/object/make_ptr_instance.hpp:8,
from c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python/to_python_indirect.hpp:11,
from c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python/converter/arg_to_python.hpp:10,
from c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python/call.hpp:15,
from c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python/object_core.hpp:14,
from c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python/args.hpp:25,
from c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python.hpp:11,
from ..\PythonTest\main.cpp:2:
c:\Boost_1_48_0/boost/python/object/instance.hpp:14: warning: type attributes ignored after type is already defined

EDIT Now this does not explain or solve the crash, but I can get around it, using my own read function and just passing boost::python::exec the output. then I do not have to use exec_file or PyRun_SimpleFile

#include <fstream>

std::string read_file(std::string const &filepath)
    std::string output;
    std::ifstream file;;
            std::string line;
            output += line.append("\n");
    return output;
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Check that boost python is compiled against the same python that you're linking against using – James Feb 26 '12 at 11:36
Just checked your example on a machine running Linux, boost-1.52 and python-3.3. It works flawlessly. I also verified that the implementation of boost::python::exec_file did not change between 1.48 (the version you are using) and 1.52. So, I don't think boost.python is the culprit either. My best guess is that your environment is causing the problem. Like James suggested, I'd look into your dependencies first and make sure all is tight. – André Anjos Feb 8 '13 at 7:56

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