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My requirement is:

I have two jspx pages namely, view1.jspx and view2.jspx.
I have two hyperlinks in the view1.jspx page namely Add Name Details and Add Address Details.
When clicking Add Name Details, control should go to the view2.jspx with a Create Form to the table named NameData where I have three columns, "Name", "Sex" and "Date of Birth".
The form should contain components as InputText, Radio button Calendar respectively Now, when clicking the second hyperlink Add Address Details,control should go to the same pageview2.jspx with a different form for the AddressData table with three other different columns "City", "Country" and "PIN Code".Where the components here would be drop down, drop down and an Input Text.

Please help.

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You can use a switcher component to switch what is shown on the page.

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