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I am using the 'number' type for entering floating point numbers into a jqGrid grid. I am able to format the floats for rendering witha comma (we use a comman in Europe as decimal seperator). However the input fields (edit form or inline) still assume that that entered floating point numbers use a dot and not a comma.

formatoptions: {decimalSeperator : ','}

seems to influcence the rendering but not the validation of the input data.

Any reasonable options here?

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You can create your own custom formmaters.


The guide explains it well. You must create a formmater and an unformmater for editing.

Create a formatting function like this:

       colModel: [ 
          {name:'price', index:'price', width:60, align:"center", editable: true, formatter:numFormat, unformat:numUnformat},

    function numFormat( cellvalue, options, rowObject ){
        return cellvalue.replace(".",",");

    function numUnformat( cellvalue, options, rowObject ){
        return cellvalue.replace(",",".");

You can also append $ or other formatting in these functions.

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Nota Bene: Thousand separator converter is a space for continentals when anglo-saxons use "," –  nicolallias Feb 4 at 8:33
That would not answer the question given by the owner of the question. –  Jpepper Feb 5 at 17:55
That is why it is a comment ; if you keep the english thousand's separator, you will get a nonsense for any number notation, e.g. 12,345,678.9 -> 12,345,678,9 instead of the correct (and owner requested) 12345678,9 –  nicolallias Feb 6 at 11:17

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