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I have a String which contains a date, for example "01-01-2012", then an space and then the time "01:01:01". The complete string is: "01-01-2012 01:01:01"

I would like to extract only the date from this string so at the end I would have "01-01-2012" but don't know how to do this.

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Have a look at codingbat - it provides a lot of short exercises to get used to the language :) – Andreas_D Feb 14 '12 at 12:18

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Four options (last two added to make this one answer include the options given by others):

  • Parse the whole thing as a date/time and then just take the date part (Joda Time or SimpleDateFormat)
  • Find the first space using indexOf and get the leading substring using substring:

    int spaceIndex = text.indexOf(" ");
    if (spaceIndex != -1)
        text = text.substring(0, spaceIndex);
  • Trust that it's valid in the specified format, and that the first space will always be at index 10:

    text = text.substring(0, 10);
  • Split the string by spaces and then take the first result (seems needlessly inefficient to me, but it'll work...)

    text = text.split(" ")[0];

You should consider what you want to happen if there isn't a space, too. Does that mean the data was invalid to start with? Should you just continue with the whole string? It will depend on your situation.

Personally I would probably go with the first option - do you really want to parse "01-01-2012 wibble-wobble bad data" as if it were a valid date/time?

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text.substring(0, spaceIndex+1); – shift66 Feb 14 '12 at 12:10
Thank you, will use this. – Miloš Feb 14 '12 at 12:11
@Ademiban: Why would the OP want to keep the space at the end? That seems unlikely to me. – Jon Skeet Feb 14 '12 at 12:17
mmm... sorry... :D – shift66 Feb 14 '12 at 12:19
String input = "01-01-2012 01:01:01";
String date = d.split(" ")[0];
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Try this:

String date = s.substring(0, s.indexOf(" "));

Or even (because the length is fixed):

String date = s.substring(0, 10);

Or use StringUtils.substringBefore():

String date = StringUtils.substringBefore(s, " ");
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@Ademiban: nope, looks like my version (without +1) is correct, I guess we don't need the trailing space after date. – Tomasz Nurkiewicz Feb 14 '12 at 12:19

In that case where only one space is in the string, you can use String.split(" "). But this is a bad practice. You should parse the date with a DateFormat .

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You can use substring to extract the date only:

 String thedatetime = "01-01-2012 01:01:01";
 String thedateonly = thedate.substring(0, 10);

You should really read through the javadoc for String so you are aware of the available functions.

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If you know in advance this is the format of the string, I'd do this:

public String getDateOnly(String fullDate){
    String[] spl = fullDate.split(" ");
    return spl[0];
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Lots of ways to do this, a very simple method is to split the String at the space and use the first part (which will be the date):

String dateTime = "01-01-2012 01:01:01";
String date = dateTime.split(" ")[0];
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You can do it either using string manipulation API:

String datetime =  "01-01-2012 01:01:01";
int spacePos = datetime.indexOf(" ");
if (spacePos > 0) {
   String date = datetime.substring(0, spacePos - 1);

or using regular expression:

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("(\\d{2}-\\d{2}-\\d{4})");
String datetime =  "01-01-2012 01:01:01";
Matcher m = p.matcher(datetime);
if(m.find()) {
   String date =;

or using SimpleDateFormat

DateFormat fmt = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss");
Date date = fmt.parse(datetime);
Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
String date = c.getDayOfMonth() + "-" + c.getMonth() + "-" + c.getYear();
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You can use String.split() and take only the relevant String in your resultng String[] [in your example, it will be myString.split(" ")[0]

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Use String.substring(int, int). If you are interested in the value of the date and time, then use SimpleDateFormatter to parse your string.

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If your string is always in that format (2 digits, minus, 2 digits, minus, 4 digits, space etc...) then you can use substring(int beginIndex, int endIndex) method of string to get what you want.
Note that second parameter is the index of character after returning substring.

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If you want to explode the complete date from the string use this method.

 * @param dateTime format string
 * @param type type of return value : "date" or "time"
 * @return String value

private String getFullDate(String dateTime, String type) {
    String[] array = dateTime.split(" ");
    if (type == "time") {
        System.out.println("getDate: TIME: " + array[1]);
        return array[1];

    } else if (type == "date") {
        System.out.println("getDate: DATE: " + array[0]);
        return array[0];
    } else {
        return null;

Otherwise if you want only the date for explample 01-01-2012

use this:

 * @param datetime format string
 * @return
private String getOnlyDate(String datetime) {
    String array[] = datetime.split("-");
    System.out.println("getDate: DATE: " + array[0]);

    return array[0];


I hope my answer will help you.

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Please explain why your solutions works and also provide comments for better understanding. – user2004685 Feb 6 at 7:58

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