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I have written several large (3k to 12k words) documents on Google Docs. This has generally worked out for me, but lately I've been wanting to upload them to a forum; this means having to manually hunt down every instance of italics or bolded text in order to insert the appropriate BBCode. Doable, but takes hours.

I tried looking for an automated method of doing it - functions in OpenOffice, online converters...but no luck. Any suggestions?

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Someone has today suggested to me a solution that seems to work: Some forums, when posting a reply, have a "Switch Editor Mode" icon (marked a/A, at least on the forum I was using): By switching modes, and pasting in the formatted text, I got the forum to automatically insert the appropriate BBCode.

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This only works on sites that offer "rich" editor and the editor isn't flawless. Sometimes it can actually cause MORE work than just hunting down itallics and bolded parts. –  Mandemon Apr 25 at 21:02

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