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I need to implement next UI on WPF with next logic:

I have a ViewModel:

public class VersionVulnerListViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged
    private ObservableCollection<Vulner> _vulners;
    public ObservableCollection<Vulner> Vulners
            return _vulners;
        private set
            _vulners = value;
            if (PropertyChanged != null)
                PropertyChanged(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs("Vulners"));

Where Vulner have next implementation:

public class Vulner : PocoEntity
    public Vulner()

    // ... other properties
    public IList<VulnerData> Data { get; set; }

and VulnerData have some properties.

I need next: dependency of selected item of some combobox i need to bind diferent Data items from my list into GridView. Its will be good if its possible to do this just with XAML edetings, without adding code-behiend logic. Or add code-behiend logic, but according MVVM pattern.

Example: enter image description here

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I know it's an old question, but it's not answered yet, so I'll give it a try (in hope it will help somebody)

You can bind the SelectedValue of the Combobox to a variable. In the set-Block of the variable, you can also change the content of your ObservableCollection. Voilà, the GridView changes depending on the ComboBox.

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