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This is an mms app. i'm new here, so i can't upload a picture. i'm so sorry about that.

the question is : when user attach a picture to send an mms, i must create a view in the IputBox(EditText) to show the image's info like size, type and so on.

So, How can I create a view in EditText?

I konw How to insert a image into a EditText by ImageSpan, but I don't know how to insert a view.

Thank u!!

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2 Answers

You cannot create a view inside the EditText, but you can create a hidden view in the layout XML and show it only when relevant, with the information you want.

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You can use this I think:


To set some text that appears within the EditText. Not used it myself however so can't say for certain it will work.

Got it from here: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/widget/EditText.html

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