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I have two properties of type int in my view model that broadcast their property changed events in the classic way:

RaisePropertyChanged(MyPropertyPropertyName, oldValue, value, true);

These properties are both of type int, so my listener begins with:

Messenger.Default.Register<PropertyChangedMessage<int>>( ????? );

How do I create a listener for propertyA separate from a listener for propertyB?


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I think you'll need to use a switch statement. After all Messenger's purpose is to broadcast messages.

        MessengerInstance.Register<PropertyChangedMessage<int>>(this, IntReceiver);

        RaisePropertyChanged("Test 1", 0, 1, true);
        RaisePropertyChanged("Test 2", 0, 2, true);

    private void IntReceiver(PropertyChangedMessage<int> n)
        switch (n.PropertyName)
            case "Test 1":
                Debug.WriteLine("Test1:" + n.NewValue);
            case "Test 2":
                Debug.WriteLine("Test2:" + n.NewValue);
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