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I want to add javascript code which will be executed on page open of a single page PDF. There will be multiple files for which this needs to be done and I was wondering if there is any way of batching this instead of manually editing each PDF.

I found sources on the web and libraries which allow you to programmatically add document level javascript (e.g. http://blog.rsmoorthy.net/2012/01/add-javascript-to-existing-pdf-files.html)

However I haven't been able to find anything for programmatically adding page-open javascript. Any pointers regarding this would be appreciated!

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You could try adding an additional action dictionary to your page, from adobe spec about additional actions:

I.2.8 Additional-actions dictionaries (see Section 8.5.2, “Trigger Events”) can be the value of the AA entry of a catalog, page, annotation or field dictionary.

TABLE 8.45 Entries in a page object’s additional-actions dictionary
Key: PO
Type: dictionary
Value: (Optional; PDF 1.5) An action to be performed when the page containing the annotation is opened (for example, when the user navigates to it from the next or previous page or by means of a link annotation or outline item). The action is executed after the O action in the page’s additional-actions dictionary (see Table 8.45) and the OpenAction entry in the document catalog (see Table 3.25), if such actions are present.

You could add a Javascript action there with the code you need to be executed.

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Since your documents are one-page ones you might try to just add an action that will be executed when document is open. This is OpenAction in the document catalog (@yms already mentioned it).

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