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I'm making a simple blog Rails app and am trying to output links to tags here: Tags: <%= tag_links(@article.tags) %><br />. Rails seems to be generating the correct html, but it shows up in the browser as Tags: <a href="/tags/1">ruby</a>, <a href="/tags/2">tutorial</a> (literally).

I checked the source html, and it shows this: Tags: &lt;a href="/tags/1"&gt;ruby&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a href="/tags/2"&gt;tutorial&lt;/a&gt;, which seems to be converted to the correct tags, but is displayed literally as text instead of converted to HTML.

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Use "html_safe" method like:

<%= tag_links(@article.tags).html_safe %>

OR use "raw" like:

<%= raw tag_links(@article.tags) %>

You should put those in your own method (tag_links) at the return values. Eg.,

def tags_links
  html = ""

  html << link_to "some_where", some_url


Hope it helps.

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<%= raw tag_links(@article.tags) %>

instead of

<%= tag_links(@article.tags) %>

The raw method will bypass the automatic HTML escaping.

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