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i'm implementing a wpf backgammon game , i need to find a pattern to implement the moves and positions of the pawns.

my board is combined of a grid with 3 rows : top-row , separator-row , bottom-row and 12 columns , the separator-row holds no functionality it is just a visual helper .

the top-row and bottom-row each consist of 12 cells containing a stackpanel , the pawns are presented as ellipses.

a movement in the game consist of removing an ellipse(pawn) from one stack and adding it to another .

  // Example move a pawn from stack23 to stack22 
  Ellipse ellipse = (Ellipse)Stack23.Children[Stack23.Children.Count - 1];
  Stack23.Children.RemoveAt(Stack23.Children.Count - 1);

i am required to use a predefined class for this project called Board

  public class Board
     public Stack<Pawn>[] Pipes { get; set; }
     public Board()
         Pipes = new Stack<Pawn>[24];

the pawn class provides properties for the game flow such as the owner of the current checker (player or the opponent)

 public Class Pawn
     public bool IsMine{get; set;}

each move would also consist of the functionality of popping and pushing from in the board


(1)the UI and the functionality are separate because certain things have to be checked when moving a pawn ( though the ellipses are assigned different colors and could be checked by the colors ) but i have to use this class's any ways so i was just wondering what could be the advantages of decoupling the logic from the UI ...

(2) how could i implement a binding between the functionality and the UI how would , i bound the stackpanel to a stack and with what converter so that a pop and push operation would result in the equivalent UI Code?

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(1) what could be the advantages of decoupling the logic from the UI?

Exactly that. When your logic and UI are decoupled you can easily change the appearance of the UI without making huge changes to business logic and vice versa.


Use MVVM. Your current Board class is part of the Model.

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