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Can anybody suggest a way to setup a custom configuration for the CKEeditor in Drupal using the WYSIWYG module.

The end result I'm looking for is to enable the Tableresize plugin and clear the table default values (border/width etc).

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This is not a good method to solve the ploblem, but it work for me. In file wysiwyg\editors\ change this

if (!empty($extra_plugins)) {
  $settings['extraPlugins'] = implode(',', $extra_plugins);


$extra_plugins[] = 'tableresize';
if (!empty($extra_plugins)) {
  $settings['extraPlugins'] = implode(',', $extra_plugins);
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Thanks for this. It may come in handy, but as you said, it's not ideal. – Dylan Spencer James Jun 13 '12 at 8:39

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