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I'm using jQuery tabs with jQuery cookie.

I'm using jQuery cookie to save the current selected tab, my problem is that I'm using a lot o tabs in my project, and once the selected tab is saved in cookie, is being saved for all of the tabs.

Is there any solution to it? I was thinking about setting dynamic cookie names for every page? But, how do I do that?

            cookie: {
                expires: 1,
                name: // set different cookie name for each #tabs

Any suggestion much appreciated.

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For this kind of info I would use DOM storage, – Alex Feb 14 '12 at 13:54

You can't set name to be callable at this time, but you can change cookie option (or any other option passed to .tabs constructor) by using:

Assuming you initialized tabs, for example by using:

// intitialization
$( "#tabs" ).tabs({
    expires: 1, name: 'something'

Whenever you need to change cookie name you can do:

// when you want to change cookie option for that tabs
$("#tabs").tabs("option", "cookie", {expires: 1, name: 'booyah'})
// ... somewhere else in your code, change it again, just for fun
$("#tabs").tabs("option", "cookie", {expires: 1, name: 'grandma'})
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Setting a cookie name seems to work just fine for me:

        expires: 7,
        path: '/',
        name: '<some variable name>'
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