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I have two enities in my wcf-data-service:

Request and Server

one Request can be assigned to multiple servers, whereas on server can have multiple requests.

I want to query all requests that are assigned to a specific number of servers (in this example: all requests that are assigned to the servers with ID=1 and ID=2) like:

http://localhost/MyDataService/Request?$filter=(Server.ID eq 1 and Server.ID eq 2)

However this does of course not work. Is this possible with odata? If not: Is there a workaround?

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With the RTM bits this is not possible. But in OData V3 we're adding any/all operators which should allow this. Something like this should work:

/Requests?$filter=Servers/any(s: s/ID eq 1) and Servers/any(s: s/ID eq 2)

You can try this with the latest CTP: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/astoriateam/archive/2011/10/13/announcing-wcf-data-services-oct-2011-ctp-for-net-4-and-silverlight-4.aspx

If you need to remain on V2 you can write a service operation to perform this operation for you.

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