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I was checking out imageoptim today, and really would love to run this from php on my linux server. Is that possible?

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imageoptim is Mac OS X only. On there website they recommend trimage for non Mac users.

In order to call external programs from php you use the exec command documented here.

Note that for security reasons it is important to escape arguments passed to exec with another command like escapeshellcmd or escapeshellarg for security reasons.

Your assumption in the comment about command line options is correct, you just pass them along with the program name as the string argument to exec with proper escaping of course.

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thanks for your comment, i assume i can just run trimage command line options via exec which is perfect for my use case. –  iwek Feb 14 '12 at 15:22

There is an ImageOptim-inspired Ruby script that works on Linux.

It can be launched from PHP via exec().

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this looks better than trimage and active developed –  WonderLand Jan 6 at 13:04

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