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In Monodroid I'm trying to access a custom Java class through JNIEnv. When I add the class in the main project I can access it in the main project and in a library project.

For example: If jniTest.java is an AndroidJavaSource file in Project A then

IntPtr javaClass = JNIEnv.FindClass("com/company/application/jniTest");

works from both Project A and from Library B. However if I change it so that I take the same file and rename the class to jniText in Library B then I cannot access it in Library B with

IntPtr javaClass = JNIEnv.FindClass("com/company/application/jniText");

The reason I say I have to rename the file because if I move the file to Library B such that it's not in Project A anymore calling the FindClass will still find jniTest even though it's in the library. I believe it still finds it in the original location. This led me to believe that when I moved the java file to my library that it was working fine. It was only after a namespace change did it stop working because now the original that was somehow still built into Project A was now not the same as what was in Library B causing the NoClassDefFoundError.

I'm hoping I just missed a project attribute or JNIEnv method but I can't find what to set to make this work.


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Only AndroidJavaSource, AndroidAsset, AndroidResource, etc. that are in your main project will make it into the final package. These things are not supported in library projects.

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Do you know if there's a technical reason or just something the team hasn't gotten around to doing? –  Apex Feb 14 '12 at 16:05
Well, it's a technical reason that we haven't gotten around to it yet. It's kinda like trying to make a UI library for ASP.Net, the end result of a library compile is a .dll, which doesn't include things like images or .css. At the end of the library compile, we just have the compiled .dll, we don't know that it had a .java referenced. This can be fixed by stuffing the .java into a .net resource in the library, and then pulling it out in the MFA app project and compiling it. So it's possible, just requires a bit of work that hasn't been done yet. –  jpobst Feb 14 '12 at 21:31
Is this feature on the MonoTouch roadmap? It's a pity it doesn't work as It'd be nice to package up the Java source with it's C# wrapper and hide it away. –  Aranda Sep 14 '12 at 15:49
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