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I have mutliple Elements in my DOM tree with the following structure:

<span test-id="list"  id="rLGMqz">bla</span>

Because the id is generated by the framework i define some test-ids i search for in selenium. The xpath-code to find those elements is as follows:


This works but selenium.getText(path) only returns the content of the very first span element. I now want to try something like this:


to find the second element but selenium throws an exception (Element not found). Even if i just put the original searchterm in parantheses (like this: (//*[@test-id='list']) ) the exception is thrown. I evaluated the expression with the firebug $x() method and everything seems to work there, but as soon as I try the same expression in java with selenium, it crashes.

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Ok, I finally found a working solution.

Selenium expects a "/" at the beginning of your xpath expression. If there is no such thing (as in my case there is a '(' ) you have to prefix the xpath with'"xpath='.

In my case thats:

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selenium.getText("//span[@test-id='list'][2]"); will be perfect ;-)

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''' - Invalid Character Constant. or did you mean " '''...''' "? I tried this in firebug, but it didnt work there. –  Nicolas Feb 14 '12 at 15:29
sorry, the ''' came from the groovy script I used for testing... selenium.getText("//span[@test-id='list'][2]"); should be fine –  Grooveek Feb 14 '12 at 20:30

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