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I am learning perl now and I find perldoc a very handy tool.

Originally perldoc use 'less' as default page viewer. That's fine. But recently perldoc use 'more' as default page viewer.

the phenomena: 1. man still use 'less'. 2. env | grep -Ei 'perl|view|man' gives no clue.

I read perldoc perldoc but I do not know what wrong had I done in the past that lead to this frustrated situation. My requirement maybe seems silly: how could I restore default perldoc viewer, namely 'less'?

I use archlinux i686, openbox, xterm. Thanks.

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export PAGER=/usr/bin/less -IJKMRW --shift 5

How perldoc perls the docs is doced in perldoc perldoc.

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How many perldocs would a perldoc doc if a perldoc could doc docs? –  TLP Feb 14 '12 at 16:23
thanks. but I was curious what config was massed up.I just cannot figure it out. I did not remember that, anything I have changed regarding this :( –  comicosmos Feb 15 '12 at 1:41

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