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Does Objective-C guarantee the initialization of interface member data?

When I declare an object in the header (.h file) and do not assign any value to it. What will be it initial value?

@interface myObject: NSObject {
    NSString *instanceObject;

- (id)init 
    NSLog(@"The value of object is: %@", instanceObject);
    return [super init];

This will show:

The value of object is: (null)

Can I assume all objects will start with null=0x0 and never with garbage?

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For Objects (like NSString*) yes, but for simple types like int and long u can't assume its a 0 by default.

and note, that when u release an object it doesn't become a nil by default, so if u send it something again later, U'll get a crash in ur app

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This is incorrect; all ivars, regardless of type, are initialized to the appropriate 0 value by alloc. –  Josh Caswell Feb 14 '12 at 18:52

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