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I'm having a weird issue with IE8 seemingly ignoring all my attempts at controlling the height of an image with CSS. I have a slider created using YUI 3, and the two thumb images need to be 21px in height. Every single browser besides IE8 renders it properly. Even IE7. What really bothers me is that the IE8 dev tools recognizes the style, but doesn't comply;



I can't seem to find any relevant fixes. Any help is appreciated.

The CSS code is as follows;

.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-  zoom{width:26px;padding:0;position:relative;margin:10px 25px 0 25px;}
.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in{background:url('sprite.png') no-repeat scroll -39px -154px transparent;width:26px;height:21px;zoom: 1;}
.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in a,.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-out a{height:21px;zoom: 1;}
.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in a:hover,.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in a:focus{background:url('sprite.png') no-repeat scroll -78px -154px transparent;zoom: 1;}
.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in a:active{background:url('sprite.png') no-repeat scroll -115px -154px transparent;zoom: 1;}
.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in-disabled .yui3-navigation-zoom-in,.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in-disabled .yui3-navigation-zoom-in a:hover,.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in-disabled .yui3-navigation-zoom-in a:active,.yui3-skin-wmat_red .yui3-navigation-zoom-in-disabled .yui3-navigation-zoom-in a:focus{background:url('sprite.png') no-repeat scroll -154px -154px transparent;}

I can't give you a live link since it's still in development.

I'm brand new to javascript/CSS/dojo etc. It's also a pretty huge interconnected project (I'm a student interning at the government), so I don't think I can get a sample on the JSFiddle. Thanks

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Can you provide a live link, or ideally a simplified version of the problem in something like jsFiddle? –  CherryFlavourPez Feb 14 '12 at 15:35
Here are some pictures of the improper rendering, if it helps; Improper; s15.postimage.org/wia5yrd2j/Sliders_Improper.jpg Proper; s12.postimage.org/ytmvnn0kd/Sliders_Proper.jpg –  user1209379 Feb 14 '12 at 16:07

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