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I would like to change the alpha programmatically value of my image view inside my remote view but it has no effect at all.

how i assign it:

v.setInt(, "setAlpha", alpha);

how i declare it:

      android:src ="@drawable/background"

the ressource bg is a shape:

<shape xmlns:android=""
     <stroke android:width="0dp" android:color="#FFFFFFFF" />
     <gradient android:startColor="#FF000000" android:endColor="#FF7A7A7A"

    <corners android:bottomRightRadius="7dp" android:bottomLeftRadius="7dp"
     android:topLeftRadius="7dp" android:topRightRadius="7dp"/>

everything got diplayed correctly and doesnt throw any error, but still it dont changes the alpha value ... Any idea?

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okey, solved - code here is correct, the bug was somewhere else :) – Anthea Feb 15 '12 at 8:58

I don't know about the setInt method, but you're using android:startColor="#FF000000" in you gradient where the first two letters "FF" are for the opacity and the six others define the hex color.

If you declare android:startColor="#00000000" your startColor will be completely invisible and something like android:startColor="#80000000" will be a little transparent.

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thanks for your answer. I didn't specify my question enough. I would like to change the alpha value programmatically. – Anthea Feb 15 '12 at 8:48

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