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public boolean proveri(String title1)
    Cursor mCursor=mDd.query(true,DATABASE_TABLE,new String[]{KEY_ROWID,KEY_TITLE,KEY_BODY,KEY_TIP},KEY_TITLE+"="+title1,null, null,null,null,null);
    if (mCursor != null)
        return false;

    else{return true;}


// so Title is not define as primary key , +KEY_TITLE+" text not null l"

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What's the problem? Does it fail with an exception or just give you wrong results? Anyway, your question is very poorly described. –  Egor Feb 14 '12 at 15:54
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try this KEY_TITLE+"= '"+title1 +"'"

Query value should be inside single quote.

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The query method returns an empty Cursor if no matches are found (rather than null), so you should add an additional check using moveToFirst(), which returns false if the Cursor is empty.

if (mCursor != null && mCursor.moveToFirst()) return false;
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