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In C++11 what happens if matches of a regex have intersections with each other? For example, if the source string is "ababa" and the regex is "aba", first if I iterate on matches of the regex in string, are there two matches or only one? And next, if I replace all instances of "aba" with "C" using regex_replace, what will be the final result?

I cannot test that because I don't have access to a compiler that supports regex yet.

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There will be one match, and the replacement result will be Cba.


  • The regex engine starts at the first position in the string.
  • It tries to match aba and succeeds.
  • It replaces aba with C (result: Cba).
  • It tries to match aba again from the current position (which is between C and ba).
  • It fails here (and also from the next position (right before the final a) and the next (at the end of the string)).
  • That's it.
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